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* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 1-2 heads Celery
— 1-2 Cucumbers
— 1 bunch Cilantro
— 1 bunch Spinach
— 1 Thai Young Coconut (water)

Welcome To Weightloss Soup!!!

The More You Eat     The Thinner You  Get

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Wheatgrass Benifits !

In addition to chlorophyll, wheatgrass provides the following nutrients to the body:
1 Vitamins: Wheatgrass contains a high amount of:
Vitamin A (aids in bone growth, eyesight and reproduction),
Vitamin B (aids brain and body development, the adrenal glands and the nervous and digestive systems)
Vitamin C (aids the development of healthy skin, teeth, gums, eyes, muscles, and joints)
Vitamin E (helps the heart and reproductive systems in a formthat is
much more easily absorbed by the body than synthetic vitamins.)

2 Minerals: Of the more than 102 minerals available in the soil, 92 of them are absorbed by wheatgrass, including:
Calcium (builds strong bones and teeth, regulates the heart, and helps balance blood pH)
Iron (aids red blood cell formation and the transport of oxygen to the cells)
sodium (helps digestion, elimination and the regulation of body fluids
Potassium (balances the body, tones muscles, firms skin)
Magnesium (helps muscle function and elimination)

3 Amino Acids: Wheatgrass contains 17 amino acids, including all 8 of the essential amino acids (which comprise proteins in the body). These are the 8 amino acids that the body cannot manufacture by itself-it must synthesize these from the foods we eat.

4 Enzymes: Wheatgrass contains a lot of enzymes and also stimulates the body to produce its own natural enzymes.

5 Wheatgrass stimulates peristalsis and supports thyroid functioning.