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Weight Loss Soup | Raw Food Recipes | Cold Soup Recipes |HEALING TONIC JUICE RECIPE for HYDRATION!

1 head CELERY
1 bunch KALE
1 bunch CILANTRO (OPTIONAL… use LETTUCE, PARSLEY or another LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLE of some kind, if you prefer)
1 bunch SPINACH
1 LEMON (UNpeeled if ORGANIC; peeled if conventional)

Juicer Recipes – Carrot Celery Cucumber Coconut ~ The Carrot Cooler !! ;-)

Juicing Recipes / Juicer Recipes

❤ The Carrot Cooler !! ;-)

Carrot Celery Cucumber Coconut

8 Carrots
1 Head of Celery
1-2 Cucumbers
1 Young Coconut (water)

RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS 200 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #10

For those new to this series, check out preceding videos at & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!:
My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer, type II diabetes & kidney disease, all via the consumption of raw foods. Not to mention his amazing weight loss of 178 pounds over the last 16 months, and he’s not stopping there. He’s going to go ALL the way with his health, and wants YOU too as well. This guy is a TRUE SUPERHERO!!